Our Story

Arcadian Aroma, Represents, change, resilience, breaking all boundaries, and morphing into something so beautiful, yet so unique, just like the ever-changing butterfly.

Starting off in 2021 in a small kitchen with very limited tools, we created scents which represent our middle eastern heritage. The market was lacking, scents such as oud, florals, and orange blossom to mention a few.

Scents that reminded us of our childhood, growing up in a middle eastern home. the crisp summer nights of traveling up into the villages of Lebanon, the lingering smell of orange blossom being preserved into bottles for later use of herbal medicine, to the smell of tabaco being dried under the heat of the Mediterranean sun. The zesting of lemons, and warm brewed cinnamon tea. Earthy aroma of oud Amber & Musk burning and lingering into the village as you strolled past, the sweet scent of rose water syrup poured over a tasty warm dessert.

From the borders of the Middle East to the Mediterranean, we at Arcadian Aroma have worked endlessly to capture the scents that remind us of our roots.

We welcome you into our home to experience our heritage in hopes you trust us into yours. whether it may by something as simple as lighting a candle, or turning a reed, Arcadian Aroma has worked hard to bring safe and clean products into your home.

Let us morph your home into a Mediterranean getaway.

Our Candle Pouring Process

Each candle is meticulously handcrafted on-site using the highest-grade ingredients, including pure soy wax, cotton wicks, pure essential oils, and carefully blended aromatic fragrances.

Our hands-on approach to the pouring process ensures that you receive products free from harmful substances like petroleum-based paraffin waxes and paraben enhancers, which can have negative effects on your well-being.

Our dedicated team of creatives pours their care and expertise into every item we create, aiming to bring you a shared sense of harmony and balance in your environment.


sensational scents, sensational moments brought to you by ARCADIAN AROMA

Experience Global Aromas With Our Candle Collection

Embark on a fragrant journey around the world with our exotic candle collection, where each scent is a passport to distant lands. From the bustling streets of Dubai to the enchanting coastal retreat of Portofino, let our candles transport you to the most captivating corners of the globe.


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